The nearly $500 billion charity market declined $21.9 billion in 2022.

BeneFi is a platform that combats the decline in charitable donations by:

  • Enhancing transparency, trust, and tax benefits using blockchain technology.
  • Promoting charitable giving through collaborations with brand and celebrity charity foundations.
  • Encouraging donations through exclusive fan interactions and rewards.
  • Facilitating both donor-advised funds and direct donations for flexible giving options.
  • Social media components with high viral potential.

Waste In Charity — A Multibillion Dollar Problem

The world's legacy charitable distribution framework hasn't changed for millennia. It's an antiquated and inefficient system that has a billion-dollar problem.

Sadly, about one-third of the half-trillion dollars donated to charity annually goes someplace other than to those in need. That's more than a billion dollars wasted annually.

Furthermore, this waste and misuse discourages millions of potential supporters from donating, leading to billions more dollars in missed donation opportunities.

What are we missing?

  • Transparency
  • Traceability
  • Accountability

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BeneFi Leadership

W. Scott Boatman

Brad Kissler

Chris Banbury


Donald Matejko
Founding Board Member


Katie Ellis
Chief Charity Officer


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Gov. Brad Henry
Government Relations

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Traditional Finance

Ivan Inchauste, CFA
Decentralized Finance

Charles Kim
Capital Markets, Asia

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Zack Nelson
Community Building

Lexi Terrero
Digital Marketing LatinX Markets

Aaron Thieboldt

Aaron Thieboldt

Stan Hayes

Stan Hayes
Charity Advisor

BeneFi is on a mission to revolutionize an antiquated and inefficient charitable giving framework. Our goal is to raise $1 billion for those in need around the world in the first five years.


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